About Us

We’re here to create an ecosystem
that drives efficiency and value and brings in standardisation in logistics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate and optimise logistics processes, across the globe. The movement of goods between manufacturers, distribution centers, and warehouses is a constant. This distribution network needs to operate efficiently and reliably.

TRANSO’s digital optimisation technology provides everyone in this network with the accurate information, visibility, and analytics to make seamless operations a reality.

The Reason for Our Existence

The trucking and logistics industry has been long overdue for a technology overhaul. The industry demands efficiency, trust, transparency and real-time information. Different stakeholders have nuanced roles to play in the network, and these unique personas need innovative solutions that work for them.

TRANSO is set to create these innovative solutions – ones that challenge the current status- quo and deliver efficiency across the value chain, verticals and geographies. While it requires a lot of grit and determination to make an impact, the team at TRANSO is all set to take on this challenge with all our might.


The Core Team at TRANSO brings deep expertise across industry verticals with a particular focus on supply chain and logistics. Led by titans with extensive leadership experience, the team is united by one purpose - to revolutionise the industry.

The TRANSO advisory team is equally powerful featuring Silicon Valley Angel Investor, CXOs, ex-Partners from prominent consulting firms and Serial Entrepreneurs. The advisory team has a cumulative industry experience of 200+ years.

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