TRANSO is a collaborative, optimization, and automation technology platform for supply chain stakeholders to efficiently move shipments while tracking and monitoring in near real-time.
Our Offerings

The TRANSO platform can transform your entire logistics value chain.

Cost Optimization

Reduced manpower & administration costs

Lesser empty truck miles

Inbound truck <> Outbound shipment matching

Operational cost reduction

Capacity Optimization

High truck utilization with intelligent load optimization

On-demand / priority-based / scheduled bulk booking with a single click


100% digital documentation

Minimal human interaction

Process improvement & transparency

Central dashboard to manage, monitor and analyze the entire logistics value chain

Route Optimization

Route navigation

Geofencing with deviation alerts

Improved transit times and deliveries

Tracking Optimization

Shipment visibility

Trip ID-based tracking

Privacy protection and no GPS tracker dependency (Fixed or portable)

One platform. Not disparate apps.
TRANSO connects with all the existing systems and is customizable to suit your business.
Three Connected Apps Powered By One Single Platform
TRANSO High-Level Architecture
TRANSO's technology stack is built on the foundation of three pillars - Robustness, Scalability and Security.
Our next-generation platform is modular by design and reduces time-to-deployment and supports easy integration with any of the existing systems.

Connects with all the existing tech

Easy access across every device and location

Easy to implement and customize

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